There are several ways to keep in touch with the blog:

  • You can follow me on Twitter, where I post links to all of my posts.
  • You can subscribe to receive all my posts by email.
  • You can follow my RSS feed.1
  • If you’re Facebook friends with me, you can check my timeline, where I will probably post new entries.2

I know a lot of mathematicians use Google+. I’ve made an account there, and am going to try posting my entries there, so you can use that too.

Feel free to offer comments on Twitter or, if you know me in person, on Facebook. (As always, you can also offer private comments by email.)

  1. A note for advanced RSS users. You can also follow the feeds for specific categories or tags, if you want. Simply replace categoryname or tagname as desired in the following:

  2. I might not post every entry on Facebook, so if you want a reliable way to see every single post, use Twitter, email or RSS.